Why Arbitration?

When a business and its labor group finds themselves in the midst of a conflict, the logical answer is to find the quickest and least cost solution that maintains the on-going and mutually beneficial relationship between the parties. Pursuing costly and time-consuming litigation is seldom the answer to that process. Court action is a tempestuous and procedurally demanding process of endless appearances, filings, time-consuming discovery and even worse, time away from running the business for the company participants and from gain-full employment for the labor members.

Arbitration is highly compatible with today's fast-paced trends of labor and employment dispute resolution and is practiced world-wide by companies big and small. With its quick and economical qualities, arbitration is the smart choice to solving a range of employment and labor issues arising from their long-standing relationship that may be dividing both employees and companies.

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  • Maintaining Decorum During Arbitration

    By Daniel Baldwin

    (excerpted from ABA Section on Dispute Resolution’s eNewsletter)

    New and increasingly creative forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution seem endless in our modern society. However, in the world of commercial arbitration, certain practices remain constant no matter how much has changed in dispute resolution and hearings management. Managing the arbitration environment is crucial to successful outcomes for all parties involved. Maintaining effective decorum is not optional, it is required.

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  • You Won the Arbitration – Now What?

    By Matthew Kirtland

    (excerpted from ABA Section on Dispute Resolution’s eNewsletter)

    While the United States has a long-standing and well-established policy in favor of arbitration, an arbitral award cannot be enforced within the United States until it is confirmed by an appropriate federal or state court. This article provides a basic overview on the procedures and considerations for such confirmation proceedings in federal court with respect to both international and domestic arbitral awards.

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  • Sedona Conference Seeks Comments

    The Sedona Conference has announced the Publication for Public Comment of The Sedona Conference Working Group 10 (WG10)Commentary on Patent Litigation Best Practices: Chapter on Patent Mediation

    This Chapter on Patent Mediation will be useful to anyone that selects mediation as a process to resolve their patent dispute, and presents a series of best practices covering topics such as:

    the timing of making a decision to mediate

    the process of selecting a mediator

    the task of preparing for a mediation

    the unique issues of confidentiality in patent mediations, and

    the conduct of the mediation session itself

    Download the Chapter on Patent Mediation in both PDF and Word formats here.

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